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jay butler debut album - ghosts on the wind

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Another Free Heart

Feel that rhythm pumping out her chest,

Remember feeling it through that dress

He’s drunk on all these memories now


She learned his name just to break his heart,

She shot to kill, never missed her mark

He’s just a number in her body count


There’s another free heart on the highway tonight

A ghost on the wind setting the stars alight

Bursting out of the chains, singing

Oh-oh, oh-oh


There’s a raging fire burning bright in this heart

When freedom comes it comes loud and hard

When you’re not longer afraid, sing it

Oh-oh, oh-oh


She never thought that it would happen to her

But life takes turns that aren’t always fair

Her hope started to fade away


And on that day when the worst news came

She felt so lost, with no one left to blame

And nothing left to make him stay


You never know what you’re made of ‘til you lose it

But the ones who have loved and lost,

Got the heart and they know how to use it

Friday Night

It’s Friday night, I’m lonely so tell me are you ready to run?


Where’s my heart, where’s my home?

My blood keeps pumping south, it’s the only way it knows

These visions sleep in my head

But it’s time to wake up now, hear what I said…


It’s Friday night, I’m lonely so tell me are you ready to run

Wanna rock you all night and roll with you

Until the morning comes

The sun’s about going down and the race is on

So come and take the wheel and get those Ray Bans on,

It’s time for us to ride

To the night


How about those secrets that I keep?

This city’s full of angels that never seem to sleep

They’ve been hiding me from the start

Time and time again

Sing it from the heart


Time, don’t you leave my side

Time, do what’s right…

Promised Land

When they call out my name for the promised land

I’ll let it ring and I’ll let it repeat

As the light breaks over this smoky land

Raise a glass to those still standing on two feet


And it comes so close, and then it’s gone

And it comes so close, and then it’s gone


When these streets all point in different directions

And these walls are no longer my home

I’ll think back on these minutes, these hours, these days

They’ll hold me close, when I’m feeling alone


I’m a little bit nervous, a little bit scared

I’ve got a dread in my heart, that I’m already there

There’s a tidal wave crashing right over my head

So I’m a little bit nervous, a little bit scared


Wherever you run, I’ll run right beside you

The weight of your heart, beating inside you endlessly

On this mountain alone


When clouds block the sky, haunting the sunlight

I’ll fight for my life, repeating the words that got me here

On this mountain alone


What a mess I’ve made of my own little world


Every step that I take feels like I’m walking on coals

What a mess I’ve made of my own little world


Wearing my heart on my sleeve feels like all that I ever do

You sure found the devil in me

And I can see that I found yours too

Wherever you run from me I’ll be right behind staring at you

I’ll be staring at you


You, you’re something

And I can’t figure you out

You, you’re erasing

Every shred of doubt

You, you’re amazing

Can’t seem to help yourself

You, you’re guessing

You’re guessing right, I’m under your spell


So chase those sunsets

And know you’re not alone

You know you’re hungry and you can’t be the only one

And the words taste sweeter now

Coming dripping from her mouth


So many questions

I’ve wasted time all my life

But you give me shelter

For all the days and all the nights

You hold me up

When I can’t stand myself

So take what you want

It’s all for you and no one else


The world’s no different now, than how it was before

And only love can save the broken, lost, the lonely and the poor

I ask the gods for all the strength they have and more

Hopeless Girls

I’ve seen them come, I’ve watched them go

Down to where they hide

The fear of being alone


And I’ve watched them drink a hundred times,

Drink away their tears

For a man they barely know


There’s a certainty my dear,

You’re not the first to fall

Heart-broken needing something, somewhere,

Someone better to call


I won’t change a god damn thing,

No I won’t waste another word

On the desperate lives and the hungry dreams

Of the hopeless girls


So I’m waiting now to hear

How you’ll inspire me this time

Tell me how he’s changed


How you caused the last fight

How he is perfect over night

The promises he’s made

Cracks In the Ground

I feel left out of my own life

I look back on the years and all the lost time

Mistake I’ve made that put me where I am


Try to walk a mile in these old boots

Slip ‘em on and you’ll feel what I’m going though

The cracks in the ground are opening front and behind


Yeah I guess I’ve seen crazy days

When time took hold and pulled us away

But I can still recall that smile


When all you got is hanging by a thread

Through the thorns you reach for whatever’s left

It’s good to see you friend it’s been a while


And I guess I lost my way


So come on tell me what have I missed?

You remember that time? how could I forget

Ain’t it funny how the years go down


Before you know it we’ll be old and gone

So here’s to that, let’s play one more song

One we used to hear in our home town


I guess I lost my way

And I can’t, no I can’t

Holding Me Down

It’s raining in the morning

I feel it on my skin

I can’t guess where it ends, and I don’t even know

Where it begins


I’ve given so much heart

I can’t give out any more

So give me shelter from the rain

The storm that’s blowing in

The one that I’ve been waiting for

Why are you holding me down?

Won’t you lift me up instead?

This town is big enough to loose ourselves,

And step into the light

All I ask of you this time, is to believe you could be mine


The sun’s shining down behind me

The way it always falls

Where’s the love that I once knew

The smile in her eyes, the laugh that I adored


Time has creaking floorboards

They don’t get you anywhere

And it all burns just the same,

The fire in the night, luring me in,

Back to those flames

Lonely Hearts

Where’s my lady? Where’s that sweet temptation?

You feel alone now, but I’m close enough to hear


When you talk to me like you give a damn

About anything at all

You’re reaching up while I’m reaching down

Should have listened when you called


You’re in my veins now, pulsing slowly through the dark

Take my hand now, and I’ll give you all that I’ve got


When you whisper to me that you know who I am

And I start to think you’re right

If you’re the same then follow me down and I’ll find you under the lights



Give me a reason not to fall, and I won’t make you stay

I won’t give up, because I feel down and I hope you feel the same

She moves her hips to the beat of the sound

With her favourite record on

The lonely hearts dance here all around, but it never lasts too long

It never lasts too long


You force that smile, through stolen champagne and lonely eyes

It’s been a while, since I told so many lies


Then you whisper to me that you know who I am,

And I’ve seen this done before

This isn’t real it’s only pretend,

Come and dream with me some more


Give me a reason not to fall, and I’ll drink it right away

Listen to me ‘cuz I’m telling you now

We won’t always be this week

So take your hands right into the heart

Of this weary messed up soul

The lonely hearts dance here all around, but it never lasts too long

It never lasts too long

Song For My Wife

I traced my steps back round the old and lonely part of town

I stopped in every desperate dive on the long and steep road down

I waited for direction, I waited in the rain

If you were what I waited for, I’d wait again


I picked myself back up and made my way back to the road

But the scars still marked my knees, reminding me the path I choose

So guide me back towards the truth, breathe life into my lungs

And forget all of the words to the songs I’ve sung


I can’t promise I’ll be perfect, I hope I’m worth this sacrifice

This broken heart still chases daylight, though it’s been blinded once or twice

I drove around all night, and in your heart I found my home

And I’ll wait there til the evening light is gone


I drove around all night, and in your heart I found my home

And I’ll wait there til the morning light has come

No Place Like Home

People think it’s all slamming doors and storming down the stairs

They imagine it’s shouting matches and a swinging punches

Broken glass everywhere


Let me tell you how it really is

It’s the silence that will leave you burned

No landmarks, no victories, not even defeats

Took me so many years to learn


When it comes to nightmares, there’s no place like home


Think of all of your favourite times, tell me what you see

Is it people all home together, growing up,

All happy families?


We’re not all gifted with memories

Mine were given out to others first

They didn’t earn them, now they keep them in their house of cards

Only one place in this world feels worse


When it comes to nightmares, there’s no place like home


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